Sending an InstaReview Request Manually

There are a few instances when you might need to send an InstaReview request manually: your patient wants you to resend a request, you want to push a request to a patient while they're in office, or your practice has simply chosen not to set up automated requests.  Below, you'll learn how to send a manual request to a patient while they're checked into the YAPI Dashboard or through the Patient Finder if that patient isn't in the office with you.

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Sending a Request When a Patient Is In the Office

  1. Once your patient has left the Check-In Area, locate your patient in the YAPI Dashboard. (InstaReview requests can't be sent from the Check-In Area.)

  2. Click the InstaReview icon Screen_Shot_2022-02-09_at_3.34.47_PM.png at the bottom of the room in the Dashboard.


  3. Confirm the patient's mobile phone number, then click OK


    This request will send immediately.  If your practice uses automated requests, YAPI will skip the automated request that would normally send at the end of the visit and the patient will only receive the one you just sent manually.


Sending a Request When a Patient Is Not In the Office

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Patients Patients.png and select Patient Finder.

  2. Enter the patient's last name and click Search.

  3. Right-click on the patient's name and select InstaReview, then Send InstaReview Request.


  4. Confirm the patient's mobile phone number, then click OK.  This request will send immediately.



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