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InstaReview is a feature that sends texts to patients, requesting a review of your practice.  Patients can then follow a link within the request, leading them to your practice's Google entry, Facebook page, Yelp page, or a provider's Healthgrades page to leave a review.  Below, you'll learn the steps to set up InstaReview and customize it to meet your practice's needs.

Note: We recommend checking out our Introduction to InstaReview article before setting up this feature.

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Step 1: Getting Started

To access your InstaReview settings:


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Online icon Online.png and select InstaReview, then Setup.
  2. Select Enable in the top left corner.
  3. Select Visual feedback on Dashboard when sent toward the bottom right.


Step 2: Checking the Page IDs for Your Review Sites

During installation, your installer should have entered the page IDs for Google, Facebook, Yelp, and/or Healthgrades if they were active at the time.  When setting up InstaReview, though, it's always important to verify that each ID is correct, enter any IDs that are missing, and remove the IDs of review pages you don't want to request a review for:

  1. In the Integration section on the left, remove the page IDs for the review sites you don't want to include in InstaReview requests by deleting the page ID and leaving the space blank:


  2. In the same section, use the resources below to add the page IDs for any review sites you want to use that are missing:


  3. Click Verify next to each page ID to open the corresponding review site and make sure your business is the one that comes up:


    Note: For Google, you may be asked to sign into your Google account to view the correct review page.


Step 3: Configuring Automated Settings

Note: If you want your practice to send all InstaReview requests to patients manually, deselect the Enable box in the Automatic section and skip this step.  For InstaReview to be the most effective, though, we recommend configuring automated settings.
  1. Select Enable in the blue Automatic section.

  2. Configure the remaining settings based on your preferences:

    • Send When: Select Dismissed to trigger InstaReview requests by patients' dismissal from the YAPI Dashboard (the most popular option) or Arrived to trigger them as patients are checked in.

      Note: Treatment Finished and Seated are no longer available options.
    • Delay: Set the number of minutes you want InstaReview texts to delay after a patient's arrival or dismissal.  In the "or till next day after" box, select the latest time you want requests to send in the day; all requests that would go out later than this will send the next day instead.

    • Only One Per Family: Select this checkbox if you only want one request to send to the head of household when a family visits your office.

    • Only with Gmail: Select this checkbox if you only want YAPI to send InstaReview requests to patients who have a Gmail email on file.  Use this only if your practice has a strong focus on getting Google reviews.

    • Age Range: Select the age range for patients you want to receive InstaReview requests.

Note: Send Every ___ Days is no longer an available setting.  Automated InstaReview Requests send at each visit until a patient clicks on one of the buttons on the InstaReview nanosite: Image_from_iOS__2__iphoneseblack_portrait_2.png  Once patients leave a review or sends you feedback, they won't receive any further InstaReview Requests.


Step 4: Adding Contact Information for Negative Feedback

Patient reviews are posted directly to your review sites but if a patient clicks the red "Let Us Know" button under "Your experience was not great?" within their InstaReview request, that feedback comes directly to your Dashboard instead.  If you want to receive an email and/or text notification when this happens, enter your email address and/or mobile number in the tan Notifications section and select Notify on negative feedback:


Note: When a patient selects the Let Us Know button in their request, their comments do not post online and come to your practice directly.  Regardless of whether you add your contact information in the Notification section above, you can always access these comments in the YAPI Dashboard.  Once you've addressed a patient's concerns, you can give them another opportunity to write a review by sending a manual request.


Step 5: Sending a Test Text

At the end of setup, we recommend sending yourself a test text to make sure the InstaReview system is working:

  1. Click Save to save your InstaReview setup.

  2. Click the Test button and enter your mobile phone number in the window that pops up.

  3. Click OK to send yourself an InstaReview request.

  4. When you receive the request on your phone, click the link at the end of the text to make sure it brings you to the InstaReview nanosite for your practice:


    InstaReview Text


    InstaReview Nanosite

  5. If you see the nanosite, just restart YAPI on your workstations and you're all done!  You can close the window; your InstaReview setup is complete.  If you receive an error message or the link can't be opened, proceed to our Troubleshooting InstaReview Requests article, then try sending another test text.

Note: If you want to edit the wording of your InstaReview texts, see our article Editing InstaReview Text Templates.



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