Editing InstaReview Text Templates

InstaReview's settings already come pre-loaded with text templates asking patients to write a review for your practice, but you can customize these templates, giving them a more personal touch.  Below, you'll find instructions for editing the existing templates YAPI uses to send InstaReview requests so you can tailor them to your patients and your practice.

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YAPI's Default InstaReview Texts

YAPI comes installed with two text templates for InstaReview. The top template shown below is used for automated requests triggered by a patient coming through the YAPI Dashboard during their appointment. YAPI uses the bottom template when a member of your team sends an InstaReview request manually from the Patient Finder.  


When each request text sends, the %p is automatically replaced by your practice name and a link is added to the end.  This link takes patients to your InstaReview nanosite, where they can find links to your review sites:


Default InstaReview Text




InstaReview Nanosite


Editing InstaReview Text Templates

To edit the existing templates YAPI uses for your InstaReview requests:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Online icon. Online.png

  2. Select InstaReview, then Setup.

  3. Locate the grey section as shown below and edit the text to change the template(s):


    Message text when appointment info exists: This is the the InstaReview text patients receive if it's sent by the automated system or manually from a room in the YAPI Dashboard. 

    Message text when there is no appointment information: This is the InstaReview text patients receive if you send the request manually from the Patient Finder.

    Remember: When sending each InstaReview request, YAPI adds a link to your InstaReview nanosite at the end, so make sure you include an instruction to tap the link.
  4. Click Save and close the window.

Warning! Always keep the texts short and sweet!  Some phone carriers limit the number of characters per text and split texts longer than 150 characters into pieces, breaking the link at the end.


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