Finding Your Healthgrades ID for InstaReview

If you want patients to be able to review one of your providers on Healthgrades through InstaReview, you'll need to add that provider's Healthgrades ID in your InstaReview settings.  Follow the directions below to find the provider's ID and enter it into your settings.

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Finding Your Healthgrades ID

  1. Open an internet browser (like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox) and navigate to

  2. In the Find the Care You Need section, enter the name and location of your practice's primary provider, then click Search:


    Note: Healthgrades profiles are for individual providers and not entire practices and YAPI's InstaReview settings can only hold one Healthgrades ID at a time. To include Healthgrades as an option with InstaReview, you must select a single provider from your practice. We recommend your primary provider.
  3. In the list of search results, find the correct provider and click on the link for their Healthgrades page.


  4. Once the page loads, locate the site's web address in the address bar and copy everything after This is the provider's Healthgrades ID:



Entering Your Healthgrades ID in InstaReview Settings

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Online icon Online.png and select InstaReview, then Setup.

  2. In the yellow Healthgrades ID box, enter the Healthgrades ID you copied above.  


  3. Optional: If you want patients to be taken directly to the review screen on the provider's Healthgrades page (instead of just the page itself), add #leave-review to the end of the Healthgrades ID with no spaces, like this:


  4. Click the Verify button next to the Healthgrades ID and confirm that the correct page pops up in your browser.  Then close the browser.


  5. Click Save, then close the InstaReview setup window.


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