Finding Your Google Place ID for InstaReview

If you want patients to be able to review your practice on Google through InstaReview, you'll need to add your practice's Google Place ID in your InstaReview settings.  Follow the directions below to find the practice's ID and enter it into your settings.

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Finding Your Google Place ID

  1. Open an internet browser (like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox) and navigate to Place ID Finder.

  2. In the Enter a Location box, enter the name of your practice and select it when it displays in the search:


    Tip: If your practice isn't coming up by just the name, enter your practice's city and/or full address to narrow down the search.
  3. Once the page reloads, locate your practice's Place ID in the pop-up bubble on the map.



Entering Your Google Place ID in InstaReview Settings

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Online icon Online.png and select InstaReview, then Setup.

  2. In the purple Google Place ID box, enter the Google Place ID you copied above.


  3. Optional: If you want your practice to focus on gathering as many Google review as possible, you can enable one or more of the Send to Google options:

    Important! Using these settings removes the InstaReview links for (Yelp, Facebook, and/or Healthgrades) so patients are given Google as the only option for writing a review.
    • Select Always if you want the only link in InstaReview requests to be Google for all patients.
    • Select If patient has Gmail email to show only a Google link for patients with a gmail email on file.
    • Select If Android to show only a Google link for patients with an Android phone.

  4. Click the Verify button next to the Google Place ID and confirm that the correct page pops up in your browser.  Then close the browser.


  5. Click Save, then close the InstaReview setup window.


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