Checking a Patient In to YAPI from an iPad

The Patient Finder in YAPI's iPad app allows you to check patients in quickly without having to use the Dashboard on your desktop.  Follow the steps below to check a patient into YAPI via the iPad app.

Note: To use this option, Check-in Patients must be enabled in your iPad app's Configuration.  To enable this setting, follow the steps in Recommended App Configuration - Front Office iPads, toggling Check-in Patients to the right (ON) in Step 4 of those instructions.

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Checking a Patient In


  1. From the Dashboard of the YAPI iPad App, tap the orange Patient Finder button at the top of the screen.

  2. Next to Search By, select the method you want to use to search for your patient:


    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • ASAP, to choose from your existing ASAP List
    • Today, to choose from the list of today's appointments

  3. Enter the patient's information in the search box, then tap Search.

  4. Locate your patient in the search list.  Then tap and hold on the patient's name and select Check-In.



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