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Using Forms in Yapi Leap (our new web app) and need to check a patient out? 🤔 In that case, looks like you're in the wrong place. Instead, go to the corresponding topic in our Leap Help Center:

Dentrix Users | Open Dental Users | Eaglesoft Users

When patients leave an operatory, YAPI's iPad app enables you to check them out without having to use the Dashboard from your desktop.  Follow the steps below to check a patient out via the iPad app.

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Checking a Patient Out


  1. In the Dashboard of the YAPI iPad App, locate your patient in an operatory.

  2. Tap and hold on the patient's avatar (the image of a person) and select Checkout.

  3. Complete the Checkout page that comes up. (This is the same as completing the Routing Slip on the desktop Dashboard).

  4. In the bottom right corner, tap Checkout.  This sends your patient to the Check-Out Area to be dismissed by your front desk team.  

    Tip: If your back office team also dismisses patients from your office, see Dismissing a Patient from YAPI on an iPad.


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