Dismissing a Patient from YAPI on an iPad

When patients are ready to leave your office, YAPI's iPad app enables you to dismiss them from YAPI without having to use the Dashboard from your desktop.  Follow the steps below to dismiss a patient via the iPad app.

Note: To dismiss patients via the iPad app, you must first enable this feature in Configuration.  For more on enabling this feature, see Recommended App Configuration - Back Office iPads.   

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Dismissing a Patient


  1. In the Dashboard of the YAPI iPad App, locate your patient in the Check-Out Area.

  2. Tap and hold on the patient's avatar (the image of a person) and select Dismiss.

  3. View the Dismiss page that comes up and add any additional items or notes not added when the patient was checked out of their operatory.  (This is the same as viewing and completing the Routing Slip on the desktop Dashboard).

  4. In the bottom right corner, tap Dismiss.


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