Merging Multiple Completed Forms Together

If a patient completed multiple forms but you want to combine them into a single document to file into your Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft, you can merge them together in the Document Viewer before filing.  Below, you'll learn how to merge completed forms together and delete the extra copies once forms are merged.

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Merging Completed Forms Together

To merge a patient's completed forms into a single form:


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, right-click on the Document Folder documentalert.png next to your patient and select Show Documents.

  2. In the Document Viewer that pops up, locate the form you want to show up at the top of the completed set once all the forms are merged together. This is the main form that you'll merge all the other forms into and then file when you're done.


  3. Now, find the form in the list that you want to show up next within the final merged form.  Click its name, then click and drag it over the name of your main form from the previous step. 

  4. When asked if you want to merge the forms, click Yes.


    This copies your second form into the main form.

  5. Optional: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with any other additional forms you want to merge into the main form.

  6. Continue on to Deleted Extra Copies After Merging Forms below.


Deleting Extra Copies After Merging Forms

Once you've merged your forms together, you'll have one main form with all the other forms merged into it.  As a failsafe, YAPI doesn't delete the originals automatically, so you need to delete the them manually:

Warning! DO NOT delete the main form that you merge all the others into.  Once you delete a form from the Document Viewer, it can't be recovered.


  1. Locate one of the forms that you merged into your main form (from Step 3 in Merging Completed Forms Together, above) and click on its name.

  2. Click the Delete button Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_4.35.52_PM.png.

  3. When asked Are you sure you want to remove this document?, click Yes.


  4. Repeat with all other forms that you merged into your main form and remember, DO NOT delete the main form.

  5. File your main form into Dentrix, Open Dental or Eaglesoft, as you would any other iPad form.


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