Troubleshooting: Keeping iPads Connected to the Right WiFi Network

If you find one or more of your office iPads isn't connecting to YAPI (for example, you see a message like "Request timed out" or "Unable to locate YAPI Service"), your iPad may be connecting to the wrong WiFi network.  YAPI needs your iPads to always connect on the same private, non-guest WiFi network for your practice.  When that connection is weak, your iPad automatically tries to connect to any stronger network nearby, so all you need to do is tell your iPad to "forget" these others.  Follow the steps below to configure your iPad so it only connects to the correct private WiFi network for your practice.

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Configuring Your iPad to Forget Unwanted Networks

  1. From your iPad's home screen, tap the Settings iPad_Settings.png icon. 

  2. Once Settings opens, tap Wi-Fi on the left.

  3. On the right, find the WiFi network that the iPad is currently connected to (the one with a blue checkmark). If this is the correct WiFi (your practice's private, non-guest network), skip to the next step. 


    Tip: If your practice has multiple WiFi networks and you're not sure which one you need to use, consult your office manager or IT representative. If you have other iPads in your office that are connecting properly to YAPI, check those iPads to see which WiFi they're using.

    If this is not the correct WiFi, tap the blue i icon Screen_Shot_2022-01-24_at_12.11.37_PM.png next to it.  Then, select Forget This Network.  Then tap <Wi-Fi to return to the Wi-Fi page and select the correct WiFi.


  4. In the My Networks and Other Networks lists, find any and all networks that you think your iPad may accidentally connect to.  This includes public WiFi networks (ones without a lock icon) and any other WiFi networks you use within your practice.


  5. Next to each one, tap the blue i icon Screen_Shot_2022-01-24_at_12.11.37_PM.png and select Forget This Network if it appears.



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