Printing Completed Forms from the iPad App

If your practice has a wireless printer, you can print out patients' completed forms directly from YAPI's iPad App before filing them.  Follow the instructions below to enable the app's AirPrint feature and print out copies of forms for patients.

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Enabling AirPrint in the iPad App


  1. In YAPI's iPad app, tap Configuration Configuration_2.png in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Scroll down to the Documents section.

  3. Next to Enable AirPrint, push the toggle to the right so that it's green (enabled).

  4. Tap Save.  When a pop-up appears showing that your configuration was updated, tap OK.

  5. Force quit the app and reopen it.


Printing Completed Forms from an iPad

  1. In the Dashboard of the YAPI iPad app, find the patient whose forms you want to print.

  2. Next to the patient, tap and hold the clipboard icon and select View Documents.


  3. On the Documents page that opens, tap and hold anywhere on a form that you want to print and select Print.


  4. In the Printer Options pop-up, tap Select Printer to choose your practice's wireless printer, then tap Print.


  5. Optional: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for any additional forms you need to print.


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