Troubleshooting: Patient Photo Taken in YAPI Doesn't Show in Open Dental

Open Dental users: If you've taken a patient's photo via the YAPI iPad app but it isn't displaying in Open Dental, use the steps below to troubleshoot.

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Step 1: Checking for the Photo in YAPI

First, check for the patient's photo in YAPI to see if it saved there:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the patient's avatar (the large image of a person) to select the patient.  Then, click the Reveal Photo iconReveal_Photo.png at the bottom of the Dashboard room.


    Note: You may need to click the menu toggle  Screen_Shot_2022-03-09_at_3.36.13_PM.png  at the bottom of the room to find the Reveal Photo icon.
  2. If the patient photo you took on the iPad displays there (as shown below): Continue on to Step 2: Adjusting Patient Picture Settings in Open Dental below.


    If the patient's photo doesn't display: Check to make sure you took a Patient Photo as shown in our article Taking a Photo of a Patient and NOT a Document Photo (shown in Taking a Photo of a Patient's ID Card or Paperwork).  The steps for taking these types of photos are different and you must take a Patient Photo for it become the patient's picture in Open Dental.  

    If you know you took a Patient Photo and the photo still isn't displaying in YAPI, there may be an issue with your practice's WiFi connection.  Proceed to Troubleshooting Your iPad's Connection to YAPI.


Step 2: Adjusting Patient Picture Settings in Open Dental

If your patient's photo shows in YAPI but doesn't display in Open Dental, your patient photos may be set to Hidden in Open Dental.  To change this setting so that your patients' pictures display: 

  1. In Open Dental, click Setup in the top toolbar and select Definitions.


  2. In the Definitions window, select Image Categories from the Select Category list on the left-hand side.


  3. In the Usage column, find PatientPic.  To the right of PatientPic, if there is an X in the Hide column, double-click it.


    Note: If you don't see an X in the Hidden column, reach out to our Customer Support team for further troubleshooting.
  4. In the Edit Category window that pops up, deselect the Hidden box, then click OK.


  5. Click Close to close the Definitions window, then refresh the patient's Family module in Open Dental.  Their new photo should now display:



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