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Within YAPI, you can create text templates to send to your patients, saving you the time of typing out a text each time.  Follow the instructions below to create your own custom text template.

Tip: Do you just need to edit a text template you already have in YAPI?  See Editing an Existing Text Template instead.

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Tips for Text Templates

Keep Texts to 160 Characters or Less -  Some carriers (like T-Mobile and Sprint) split longer texts into pieces.  We recommend keeping your messages short and sweet so they stay within a single text.  You can use the character counter in the bottom left corner of the text editor to guide you.


Personalize Texts with Emojis - If you want to give your text a personalized touch, try including an emoji using our emoji codes! For a full list, check out Adding Emojis to Text Messages.

Skip the Merge Tags if You Plan to Send This Text Manually - If you've checked out the default templates that come with YAPI, you may have seen that some contain merge tags: words with double brackets around them like [[PHONE]] that pull patient and practice information into the text.  These only work in specific situations (like for automated reminders), so if you plan to send this text to patients one by one, don't worry about adding any tags.


Creating a Text Template


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Manage Documents and Templates.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password and click Ok.

  3. In the Manage Documents and Templates window, navigate to the Mobile Templates tab.

  4. Click New.

  5. Type in your text. 

    Tip: Need to send your patients some paperwork?  You can also paste the link to any individual form or paperwork package into your text template. (Not available for practices outside the United States.)
  6. Click Save.

  7. When prompted, entered the name of your new template and click Ok.  
Note: The HTML Edit and Font +/- buttons are no longer supported features and using them won't change the appearance of your text. 


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