Sending Messages to Your Team in the iPad App

With YAPI's iPad app, you can communicate with your team without having to be tied to a desktop workstation.  To send messages to your team through the app, see the directions below.

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Sending a Message

  1. In the YAPI app, tap Messenger IMG_0452_2.PNG in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Tap and hold on the grey Messenger bar at the top of your screen and select New:


  3. Select:

    • All to send a message to your whole team.


    • Staff, then choose a staff member or provider from the list to send a message to all workstations in that staff member or provider's color.


    • Area, then choose a workstation room or iPad from the list to send a message to that specific workstation or iPad.


    Note: For an iPad to receive messages, that iPad must have messaging enabled in the app's Configuration settings.  For more about enabling messaging, see Setting iPads to Receive In-Office Messages below.
  4. Type your message in the white box, then click Send.


Setting iPads to Receive In-Office Messages

To maintain privacy, we recommend that iPads used with patients have messaging disabled, but if you have an iPad that's used for staff only, you can enable messaging in the app, making your team more mobile:

  1. In the YAPI iPad app, tap Configuration in the bottom right:


  2. If you've set up a YAPI password on this iPad, enter your password.

  3. Scroll down to the Messenger section and set the Message Filter to All.


  4. Tap Save, then tap OK.


  5. Force quit the YAPI app and reopen it for your changes to take effect.


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