Introduction to Practice Online Portal Email Templates

The Practice Online Portal (POP) enables your practice to create standardized email templates that can be used  across multiple email campaigns. A template with consistent branding, social media integration, automation and more ensures that your patients see the best your practice has to offer. The following article provides an overview of the basics of email templates and the tools that manage them.

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Why Use Email Templates

Templates ensure that your communication with patients is consistent, dependable, and personal. By building email campaigns off of a standardized template, you can:

  • Build a consistent voice/tone
  • Integrate practice logos and branding
  • Save time and effort from recreating campaigns from scratch
  • Use content tags that automatically insert personalized patient info
  • Export templates to save and share

What Are Master Templates?

The Practice Online Portal comes with a suite of pre-downloaded master templates. These templates are static and cannot be edited, but provide a ready-to-send solution for common email campaigns that your practice can use. You can also make a copy of master templates as a baseline you can use to edit quickly and produce what you want.  

Email Templates Screen

The Email Templates screen enables you to manage your active templates, as well as create new templates in a variety of ways. Templates are sorted into one of five categories, each of which you can select on this screen. Clicking on the arrow of each category displays which templates are assigned to that respective category. You can change which category your templates are assigned to while editing the selected template. From this screen, you can navigate to multiple screens that will help you meet the specific needs of your practice and clients.


number1.png Import Templates Button number5.png Create Template Button number3.png Template Details

number1.png Import Templates Button

The Import Templates button opens a file explorer window to select a saved template on the computer. Templates can be downloaded from the YAPI Template Library (requires user login to access). There are a wide array of files that you can download as a starting point for your custom template.

number2.png Create Template Button

The Create Template button opens a blank template that let's you customize from the ground up. Clicking the button redirects the user to a new page dedicated to the creation of templates used for email campaigns. This is the perfect option to fully customize emails to fit the specific needs of your practice. To learn more on creating your own template, visit Creating and Using a Custom Email Template in POP.

number3.png Template Details

Each template appears under their respective category including their name, the last time it was updated, the user who last updated it, and a suite of icons to manage the template. More information on the specific functions of each icon is included below. Note that master templates do not have last time updated or last user update, as they are static templates and are not editable. In addition, master templates have a black outline surrounding their template, while customized templates have a blue outline. 

Template Icons

Master templates and customized templates share many of the same icons, but have key differences and unique sets of actions specific to each of them. For comparison, featured below is a side-by-side view of a master template and a custom template. Even though this custom template is copied from the master template, its associated icons and actions have changed. For example, the Read Only icon for master template has changed to the Edit icon for custom template.


number1.png Read Only number5.png Copy number3.png Export number4.png Delete number5.png Edit

number1.png Read Only

The Read Only button indicates the template cannot be edited. When clicked, the template opens to show the details and email content of the selected template. This option only appears for master templates, as they cannot be edited.

number2.png Copy

The Copy button creates a duplicate email template from an existing template. This can be done with either a master template or a Custom Template that you created. Copies of existing templates include "- copy" at the end of their name to distinguish them from the original. This can be useful for making slight alterations, adapting material for different audiences/patient types, and keeping consistent visual assets without having to re-upload images during creation. 

number3.png Export

The Export button downloads the template (in .json format) to share the file if needed. This option is useful if you manage multiple offices and want to use your work for another office using YAPI POP.

number4.png Delete

The Delete button deletes the selected template from further use and makes it no longer be available on the Email Template page. The selected template cannot be recovered once it is deleted. This option is greyed out for master templates, as they cannot be deleted.

number5.png Edit

The Edit button opens the selected template so you can make modifications.


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