Moving a Patient to an Operatory in the YAPI Dashboard

When a patient is taken back to an operatory for treatment, you can move them to the corresponding Dashboard operatory so your team knows exactly where they are.  Follow the steps below to move your patient to their operatory in the Dashboard.

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Moving a Patient to an Operatory


  1. In the YAPI Dashboard, locate your patient in the Check-In Area and make sure they've been marked as Ready (their avatar - the image of a person - is displaying in color).

    Note: Patients won't move if they haven't been marked as Ready.  To mark them as Ready, click the patient's avatar, then click the Toggle Ready/Not Ready icon Toggle_Ready_Not_Ready.png at the bottom of the Check-In Area.
  2. Click on the patient's avatar, drag it to the appropriate operatory in the Dashboard, and release to drop them there.


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