Dismissing a Patient from the Dashboard

When a patient is ready to leave your office, you can view their Routing Slip and dismiss them, removing them from the YAPI Dashboard.  Follow the steps below to view a patient's Routing Slip, make any additional notes, and dismiss the patient.

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Dismissing a Patient


  1. In the YAPI Dashboard, locate your patient in the Check-Out Area.

  2. Click on the patient's avatar (the image of a person) to select them.

  3. Click the Dismiss icon Dismiss_Icon.png at the bottom of the Check-Out Area.

  4. Review the Routing Slip that pops up and follow up on any requests your team already added, like scheduling the patient for their next appointment or answering questions they may have.

  5. Optional: Add any additional items or notes not added when the patient was checked out of their operatory.

  6. In the bottom right corner, tap Dismiss.  

    Tip: As soon as a patient is dismissed from the Dashboard, the notes on their Routing Slip automatically copy themselves to your computer's clipboard.  (This is done in the background, so you don't see it happening).  You can paste these notes into Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft by opening the patient's appointment or patient notes there, right-clicking in the notes box, and selecting Paste


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