Customizing the Routing Slip

YAPI's Routing Slip is a digital replacement for paper routing slips and is a space to note information about a patient's visit as they're finishing their appointment.  We know every practice is different, so we've made the Quick Notes section of the Routing Slip customizable.  Follow the instructions below to tailor this section of the Routing Slip to the needs of your practice.

Note: To remove or turn on the Routing Slip, see Enabling & Disabling the Routing Slip.

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Types of Customizable Items on the Routing Slip

The Quick Notes section of the digital Routing Slip (the entire left-hand side) has four different types of items that you can add, delete, or edit based on your practice's needs:

Item Type What It Looks Like on the Routing Slip What It Looks Like in Routing Slip Settings

Section Headers








Boxes for Notes




Dropdown Lists





Adding, Editing, & Deleting Items

Note: If you have any patients already checked into the Dashboard when you make changes, you won't see these changes on their Routing Slips. Only patients checked in after you click save will have an updated Routing Slip.


To customize the Routing Slip:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & Manage  Setup_and_Manage.png  and select Global Setup.

  2. Enter your YAPI password and click OK.

  3. In the Global Setup window that pops up, click the Routing Slip tab.

  4. Click the appropriate link below to:


Editing an Item


  1. Double-click the text in the Note Text or Value Name column of the item you want to change.

  2. Then, type in the text as you want it to appear on the Routing Slip.  


Deleting an Item


  1. Click in the left-hand column next to the item to select it. 

  2. Then, tap the Delete key on your keyboard.


Adding a New Item

  1. Select the item below where you want the new item to go and click Insert New:


  2. In the new line that appears, click the empty dropdown menu in the Type column and select the type of item you want to add:


    • Label for a section header
    • Check for a checkbox item
    • Text for a notes box
    • List for a dropdown list

  3. Next Steps:

    • FOR LABEL (SECTION HEADERS): Double-click the empty space in the Note Text or Value Name column. Then, enter the text of your new section header:


      Optional: Select the checkbox in the Dismiss Only column to have this entire section only appear on the Routing Slip when the patient is dismissed from the Check-Out Area:


    • FOR CHECK (CHECKBOX ITEMS): Double-click the empty space in the Note Text or Value Name column. Then, enter the text of your new checkbox item:


    • FOR TEXT (NOTE BOXES): Stop here.  You're all done!  Since you're just adding a blank box for notes, you don't need to enter anything in the Note Text or Value Name column.

    • FOR LIST (DROPDOWN LISTS): Double-click the empty space in the Note Text or Value Name column. In the pop-up window, click into the Title box to enter the title of your new menu.  In the Options box, list the items you want to appear in your dropdown, entering one item per line, then click OK:


  4. Click Save.


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