Sending an Email Blast Using an Interest List

Once you've created an Interest List and have your email template composed in YAPI, you can send an email blast to all the patients on your list.  Follow the steps below to learn how.

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Sending an Email Blast Using an Interest List


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Online icon Online.png and select Mail Blast.

  2. Enter your YAPI Password and click OK.

  3. In the Select pop-up window, locate the On Interest List section at the bottom.  Select the checkbox, then select your Interest List from the dropdown menu.


  4. Click OK.

  5. In the Template dropdown menu, select the email template you want to send.


  6. Optional: In the Proof To box, enter your email address if you want to send a proof email to yourself.

  7. Click Send.  Then confirm you want to send the email blast by clicking Yes and then Yes again.

Note: The Attachment option is no longer supported.


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