Adding a To-Do to Getting It Done

Within YAPI, you can create and manage tasks for yourself or for other members of your team.  When creating a "To-Do," you can even send an email or text notification and set an email or text reminder for when the task is coming due.  Follow the instructions below to add a To-Do within YAPI's Getting It Done task manager feature.

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Adding a Task


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Getting It Done Getting_it_Done.png and select Add To-Do.

  2. In the white box on the left, enter the task.

  3. Click the Due dropdown to open a calendar and select a due date for the task.

  4. In the Who dropdown, select the team member who needs to complete this task.


  5. Optional: In the Email and Mobile boxes, enter the team member's email address and/or mobile number to notify them of the task.

  6. Optional: If you want YAPI to send a reminder to the team member when the task is coming due, select Send email and/or Send mobile text in the Reminder section.  Then, in the Send Reminder dropdown, select when you want the reminder to send.

    Note: To use this option, you must enter their information into the Email and/or Mobile boxes.

  7. Click Save.


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