Connecting an Encrypted Email Service to YAPI

While YAPI's default email templates are written so they don't need to be encrypted when sent, we recommend connecting a 3rd-party encrypted email service to YAPI if you plan to send individual protected health information (PHI) by email.  For example, if your staff wants to send patients copies of their signed treatment plans, you can (and should) connect an encrypted email provider like DataMotion, SendInc, or MD OfficeMail so you can send those emails through YAPI.  If you do choose to purchase one of these 3rd-party services, you can connect it to YAPI by following the steps below.

Important! Using encrypted email services only applies to individual emails that you send manually through YAPI's Communication Tower, Patient Finder, or Dashboard.  When you connect an encrypted email service to YAPI, this does not encrypt automated emails like appointment and recall reminders.

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Why Do I Need a Separate Encrypted Email Service?

Because of the nature of YAPI's automated communications, most emails from YAPI don't need to be encrypted.  For example, our automated reminders don't meet the criteria for being PHI, so they can be sent by YAPI's own email service.

When it comes to sending Protected Health Information, though - like copies of treatment plans, receipts, and other communications that contain PHI - we strongly recommend that that information be encrypted in transit to the patient.

If you do set up encrypted email services through companies like DataMotion, SendInc, or MD OfficeMail, you can then connect your service to YAPI so that non-automated emails sent through YAPI are always encrypted or only encrypted on a case by case basis - it's your choice.  For more on this, see Connecting Your Encrypted Email Service below.


Connecting Your Encrypted Email Service to YAPI

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup & Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Global Setup.

  2. Navigate to the Email tab and locate the Secure email section:


  3. Select the Enable secure email checkbox.

  4. Optional: Select the Always use secure email if you want all non-automated emails sent from YAPI to use your encrypted email service.


    If you select Always use secure email, YAPI will send all non-automated emails using your encrypted email service:

    If you don't select Always use secure email, YAPI will give you the option to select Encrypted Email for each email you send:



  5. In the Host box, enter the outgoing SMTP server hostname supplied by your encrypted email service.


  6. In the Port dropdown, select the port number supplied by your encrypted email service.

  7. Select the following checkboxes:

    • The server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
    • Must login to SMTP server.

  8. In the Username and Password boxes, enter the username and password from your encrypted email service.


  9. Click Save, then click OK.


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Please note, the content above is not legal advice.  We recommend always consulting your practice's HIPAA officer when making decisions related to HIPAA and patients' Protected Health Information.


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