Importing Email Templates into the Practice Online Portal (POP)

Importing email templates into the Practice Online Portal (POP) allows for a quick and easy way to make ready-to-send emails. This saves you the hassle of creating new emails from scratch! In this article, we'll go step-by-step through the process of importing a new email template into POP. We also recommend taking a look through our Library of Premade Forms, which provides email templates with a wide range of categories from seasonal promotions, pediatrics, general health, and more.

Note: You must be a registered Help Center user to access the Library of Premade Forms. Use the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the Help Center and sign in using Facebook, Google, or the Sign-Up link.

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Importing Email Templates into POP

  1. Find the location of the .zip file on your computer for the email template you want to import. A .zip file may have also been sent to you by a coworker or a separate office location that wants you to use their template for your office. In addition, .zip files for ready-to-send email templates can be found on YAPI's Library of Premade Forms.

  2. Login to the Practice Online Portal.

  3. Click the Templates button on the left menu of the Practice Online Portal.


  4. Click the Email Templates button in the submenu.


  5. The Email Templates screen appears. Click on the Import Templates button in the top left corner.


  6. A file browser opens on your computer. Select the .zip file of the template you want to import into POP. The images below are examples of what a file browser looks like on Mac and PC operating systems, with a sample .zip file of an email template.


  7. Click Open.

  8. The selected template is imported to the Practice Online Portal.


  9. Optional: You can change the category the template is placed in by clicking the edit icon (mceclip0.png). From there you can reassign the email template to one of the five categories available.

The email template is now imported and available for your practice to use! To learn more about using and editing email templates once they are imported into POP, visit Creating and Using a Custom Email Template in POP.


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