Exporting Email Templates from the Practice Online Portal (POP)

Exporting email templates from the Practice Online Portal (POP) lets you download templates directly to your computer. From there, you can share the file with other offices in your practice or save the copy for your personal records. Follow the instructions below to export email templates from POP

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Exporting an Email Template from POP

  1. Login to the Practice Online Portal.

  2. Click the Templates button on the left menu of the Practice Online Portal.


  3. Click the Email Templates button in the submenu.


  4. Find the template you want to export on the Email Templates screen. In this example, the Back to School template we want to export is found in the Marketing and Promotion category.


  5. Click the Export icon on the template.


The email template is now downloaded to your computer! From here, you can save it for your records or share it with another office. To learn how to import templates back into POP, read our How-To article on Importing Email Templates into the Practice Online Portal

Note: Email templates imported back into the Practice Online Portal are placed in the Other category by default, regardless of what category they were assigned to when exported.

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