Using Operatory Alerts to Get Help from Your Team

If you need help in an operatory, you can create an Operatory Alert that to get your team's attention by making your operatory flash in the Dashboard  and sending out a broadcast message to all workstations.  Your team can then send you a message back letting you know that help is on the way.  To send, respond to, and cancel an operatory alert, follow the directions below.

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Step 1: Sending an Operatory Alert

To create an Operatory Alert:


  1. In the YAPI Dashboard, click the yellow warning triangle icon yellowwarningtriangle.png at the bottom of your operator:


  2. In the New Operatory Alert pop-up, select the reason you need help from the Alert dropdown menu:


    Tip: You can customize this list to your team's needs by following the steps in Customizing Available Operatory Alerts.
  3. Optional: In the Additional message box, enter any additional notes your team might need to better assist you.  Select Add to check-out notes if you want this note to automatically appear in the Notes section of the patient's Routing Slip when they're checked out.


    Note: If you enter an additional message, an Operatory Alert message icon operatoryalert.png displays in the patient's Patient Alerts. Any team member can view the contents the additional message by hovering over the icon.

  4. Click Send.

Tip: Once you send an Operatory Alert, YAPI keeps track of the amount of time that's passed since it was sent and you can see this time as the room flashes white.  This can help your team prioritize issues if they see two open operatory alerts at once:


Tip: By default, YAPI only allows setting one alert per operatory, but you can enable using multiple alerts at a time.  Just click Setup & ManageSetup_and_Manage.png , select Global Setup and enter your password, select the Options tab, and select Multiple alerts in the Operatory section:



Step 2: Replying to an Operatory Alert

If you see an Operatory Alert sent by a member of your team, you can reply to the alert message like you would any other in-office message.  This reply sends directly to the operatory's workstation, letting the provider know you're coming to help:

  1. On the Operatory Alert message, click the chat icon Chat.png, then type your reply in the tan space:


    Tip: For an even quicker response, click the bullhorn icon megaphone.png to choose a pre-loaded Quick Reply. To change your Quick Reply options, see Customizing Your Available Quick Messages.

  2. To send, click the green arrow icon Screen_Shot_2022-05-25_at_3.45.10_PM.png or tap the Enter key on your keyboard.


Step 3: Cancelling an Operatory Alert

Once assistance has arrived or a team member has replied, you can end the Operatory Alert by clicking the yellow warning triangle icon yellowwarningtriangle.png at the bottom of the operatory:


This stops the room in the Dashboard from flashing and removes the operatory alert message from all workstations.


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