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Text messages help you communicate with the patient in a fast and convenient manner. This can be crucial when clarifying patient details, sharing details prior to an appointment, or sending other time-sensitive information. Follow the step-by-step process below to send texts to a patient through the Practice Online Portal (POP).

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Sending a Text Message

  1. Login to the Practice Online Portal.

  2. Click on the Patients tab on the left menu of the Practice Online Portal.


  3. Select the search criteria for the patient by using either their Last Name, Email, or Phone.

  4. Enter the information of the patient you want to search for in the Search field.


  5. Search for the patient by clicking on the Magnifying Glass (mceclip0.png) or by pressing enter.


  6. Click on the row of the patient you searched for. Now you can see information for Becky Applewood, our example patient.


  7. Select the Text icon (mceclip1.png) to see texting information.


  8. Text message history for the patient is displayed on this screen. Click the Input Text Here field at the bottom of the page.


  9. Draft the text message you want to send to the patient.


  10. Click the Send icon (mceclip2.png) to send the message to the patient. You can press Enter on your keyboard to send the message as well.


The message has now been sent! New messages update in real-time with responses from the patient. To view text message history across your entire practice, visit Viewing Text Message History with the Practice Online Portal.

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