Creating a Streamlined Dashboard

Warning! This is not a common option.  This option is only for practices that DO NOT want to utilize the main Dashboard but still want to use YAPI's other features like paperless forms and automated InstaReview.  We don't recommend using a streamlined Dashboard unless it's absolutely necessary for your practice's workflow.

While we hope you'll take full advantage of all the features YAPI has to offer, we know that some practices choose not to use the Dashboard for tracking patients.  In this case, you can create a streamlined Dashboard to utilize YAPI's other features (like paperless forms) which require patient check-in.  To learn how, check out the instructions below.

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Limitations of Using a Streamline Dashboard

Before you make changes to your Dashboard, you should keep in mind that there are some limitations with utilizing a streamlined Dashboard and you won't be able to use the following features:

  • The digital Routing Slip
  • Operatory Alerts
  • Summoning a provider with the Summon Provider icon defaultprovider.png
  • One-click messaging to an operatory with the operatory's bullhorn icon megaphone.png
  • Automatic cleaning alerts when a patient leaves an operatory

To move patients to the Check-Out Area, you'll need to right-click on the patient's avatar, then click on their name and select Check-Out:


You'll also still need to dismiss patients from the Dashboard at the end of their visit.  Leaving patients in the Check-In or Check-Out areas all day can cause YAPI to slow down drastically and leaving patients with unfiled forms in the Dashboard overnight can cause those forms to be lost.

If these limitations work for your team, then go ahead and start streamlining your Dashboard with Step 1 below!


Step 1: Hiding Rooms

For a streamlined Dashboard, you'll start by hiding your operatories. To do this:


  1. Right-click on each operatory (and any other rooms, like consult rooms, that aren't Check-In and Check-Out).  Then, select Hide.

  2. Repeat for each operatory/room in the Dashboard except the Check-In and Check-Out Areas.


Step 2: Resizing the Dashboard

Once your operatories have been hidden, you can move and resize your Check-in Area, Check-Out Area, and Dashboard, eliminating the empty space in between:


  1. First, click and hold on the top bar of the Check-Out Area, then drag it as far to the left as you'd like.

  2. If you need to resize the Check-In and Check-Out Areas, hover over the outer edge of each one until you see a double arrow appear.  Then, click and drag to resize the room.

  3. To change the size of the Dashboard itself, hover over the outer edge of the Dashboard until you see a double arrow appear.  Then, click and drag to resize it.


Step 3: Saving Your Streamlined Layout

Once you've made all your changes to the Dashboard layout, you need to save it:


  1. Right-click on a dark gray space outside of the Check-In and Check-Out Areas.

  2. Select Dashboard Layout, then Store Layout.


Step 4: Sharing Your Layout Across the Practice

To keep your workflow consistent, we strongly recommend that all workstations have the same layout.  To update all workstations so they share the streamlined Dashboard:


  1. Right-click on a dark gray space outside of the Check-In and Check-Out Areas.

  2. Select Dashboard Layout, then Share Layout.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Restart YAPI on each practice workstation.  Upon restart, when you see a message that there's a new layout available, click Yes.


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