Changing the Toolstrip Icons Available at the Bottom of Dashboard Rooms

In addition to customizing YAPI's Dashboard layout, you can also customize the toolstrip at the bottom of the Dashboard rooms, making more features available with just a click:


To change the features available in this toolstrip, follow the steps below.

Note: Depending on the size of your Dashboard rooms and the amount of icons you select, some of these icons may be hidden within a dropdown menu that you can access by clicking the menu icon  Dashboard_Room_Pulldown_Menu.png  on the right side of the toolstrip.

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Changing the Toolstrip


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup and Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Local Setup.

  2. In the Local Configuration window that appears, navigate to the Toolstrip section and click Configure:


  3. On the two Deprecated Feature warnings that pop up, click Ok:


  4. In the Configure Toolstrip window that pops up, select the checkboxes for each icon you'd like available at the bottom of the rooms in your Dashboard, then click OK:



    Summon Provider 

    Sends an in-office provider message to all workstations summoning the provider to the selected room.


    Send message to this area

    Sends an in-office message to the selected room.


    Set area alert

    Sets an Operatory Alert or, in the Check-In and Check-Out Areas, sets a red alert alert.png for general assistance.


    Toggle in-service/out-of-service

    Toggles an operatory to Out-of-Service and back to In-Service.


    Check-in provider

    Opens a dropdown menu to check a provider into a room so your team knows where providers are in the practice:



    Set patient alert 

    Opens a window to add a Patient Alert to selected patient.


    Toggle patient ready/Not ready

    Toggles a patient to Ready (for treatment) or back to Not Ready.



    Moves a patient to the next room during their visit.  If clicked in the Check-In Area, a dropdown appears to select an operatory to move the patient to.  If clicked in an operatory, the Routing Slip appears and then the patient is moved to the Check-Out Area.  If clicked in the Check-Out Area, the Routing Slip appears and the patient is dismissed and removed from the Dashboard.


    Sign form

    This option is no longer supported. 


    Scan document

    This option is no longer supported. 


    Patient documents

    Opens the patient's Document Folder to view any forms that haven't been filed into Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft yet.


    Diagnodent Exam

    Opens up a tooth chart to enter a Diagnodent reading for each individual tooth:


    Clicking Save converts the chart into a PDF document that can be filed from the patient's Document folder.

    Tip: This can also be used for simple periodontal charting.


    Document center

    This option is no longer supported. 


    Add to interest list

    Opens a window to add the selected patient to an Interest List.


    Patient notes

    This option is no longer supported. 


    Send email

    Opens a window to send an email to the selected patient.

    Note: The Reveal Photo Reveal_Photo.png and Search Screen_Shot_2022-06-10_at_12.18.06_PM.png icons are not removable, which is why they aren't available in the Configure Toolstrip window or shown in the table above.  Also, the InstaReview icon instareview.png appears in the toolstrip automatically when the Automatic option in InstaReview is enabled.  In addition, toolstrip icons can't be reordered. 

  5. Click Save.


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