Troubleshooting: Patients at an Open Dental Clinic Location Aren't Checking In

If your practice uses Open Dental Clinics with YAPI's Clinics feature and a particular patient isn't appearing in your YAPI Dashboard, the patient may be checked into the wrong clinic location. You can use YAPI's Find Patient feature to see if the patient is, in fact, checked into another location and eject them from that location's Dashboard so that you can check them into yours instead.  To learn how, check out the steps below.

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Finding & Ejecting a Patient from the Wrong Clinic Location


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Tools Tools.png and select Find Patient.

  2. In the Current Patients window that pops up, look for the name of your missing patient.

    • If you see the name of the patient: The patient is checked in at another location.  If you know that this patient completed forms that haven't been filed yet, we strongly recommend you reach out to the location they're checked in at and ask them to file the forms for you before moving to next step.  Once all forms have been filed, proceed to step 3 below.


    • If you don't see the patient's name here: There is something else preventing the patient from checking in; check out our article Troubleshooting: Patients Aren't Checking Into the Dashboard.  If you've already tried the steps in that article, a YAPI team member will need to help you next.  Please Contact our Customer Support team for further troubleshooting.

  3. On your keyboard, hold down the Control (Ctrl) button while pressing the letter E.

  4. Click Yes to confirm:


  5. Make sure your patient, their appointment, and their provider are all assigned to the correct clinic location in Open Dental.  For instructions on checking and changing these settings for your patient, see Clinics on the Open Dental Manual website.

  6. Check the patient into the Dashboard through Today's Schedule by clicking Patients Patients.png, selecting Today's Schedule, selecting the patient, and clicking Check in:



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