Restarting Your YAPI Service

While you have access to the YAPI Dashboard on each workstation, the main hub for YAPI in your office is your YAPI Service, housed on your practice's server.  On occasion, you may need to reboot this service.  Below, you'll learn how to restart your YAPI Service and when it's appropriate to do so.

Important!  Restarting your YAPI Service shuts YAPI down across your practice for several minutes.  Before restarting, make sure your team is prepared to temporarily lose service.

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When to Restart Your YAPI Service

Restarting your YAPI Service isn't something you need to do regularly because YAPI regularly restarts each night during its housekeeping process.  However, you may need to restart the service:

  • When you've updated your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft).

  • When you're trying to troubleshoot an issue with YAPI like patients not checking in to the Dashboard or receiving an "Unable to Connect to Practice Server" error when logging in to the Practice Online Portal (POP).

  • When you see a red bar at the top of your Dashboard and have just updated your payment information for your YAPI subscription.

  • When you see a red "Connection to....database has been lost" error.

  • If YAPI freezes because there are too many patients in the Check-In and Check-Out Areas. 


Restarting YAPI Service from a Workstation

You can restart your YAPI Service directly from any open YAPI Dashboard at your practice, which shuts down and reboots your service at the same time:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Tools Tools.png.

  2. Select Administrative Tools, then YAPI Service, and finally Restart Service:


  3. When prompted, enter your YAPI password and click OK.

  4. When asked if you want to restart service, click Yes and allow YAPI to shut down on all workstations.


  5. After 3 minutes have passed, open the YAPI Dashboard again. 

    • If you receive an error message: Wait 2 more minutes and repeat this step.

    • If you don't receive an error message: Your YAPI Service has successfully restarted.


Stopping & Starting YAPI Service from Your Server

While restarting from a workstation stops and restarts your YAPI Service all at once, restarting from your practice's server allows you to stop service for as long as you need and then start it again when you're ready. This is the best option when you need to complete an update for Windows or your practice management software, since your YAPI Service should be off during that process for the best results.

This is also your only option for restarting if you're unable to open the YAPI Dashboard on your workstations.

  1. On your practice's server, locate the desktop YAPI Service Manager icon  and double-click it:


  2. Once the YAPI Service Manager opens, click Stop Service and wait 2 minutes. 


    If you're stopping your YAPI Service for a Windows update or a practice management software update, complete that process and wait until you're finished to move on to the next step.

  3. Click Start Service and wait 3 minutes for the system to reboot.


  4. Double-click the YAPI icon on the desktop to open the YAPI Dashboard


    • If you receive an error message: Wait 2 more minutes and repeat this step.

    • If you don't receive an error message: Your YAPI Service has successfully restarted.


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