Preparing to Move YAPI to a New Server

If your practice is switching servers, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure that YAPI continues work smoothly.  We recommend taking the steps below to prepare for and complete your migration to a new server so that you can get up and running with YAPI as soon as possible.

Note: If your old server crashed, we've got you! While we can't make any guarantees, our technicians will do their best to recover as much of your YAPI settings and templates as they can during your YAPI Server Migration appointment.

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Step 1: Scheduling a Server Migration Appointment

For YAPI to function, it needs to be on the same server as your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft) so a member of our Technical Support team needs to "migrate" it from your old server to the new one.  You can schedule this Server Migration appointment online by clicking the link below.

Click here to schedule your YAPI Server Migration

Important!  Your practice management software must be on the new server before our technicians can move YAPI there.  Make sure to set make your appointment for a date and time that's after your practice management software will have been moved to the new server.


Step 2: Preparing Your New Server for YAPI

Note: This process usually requires the help of your IT professional.  
  1. Move your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft) to your new server and complete any required updates to the software. 

  2. If the new server has an active firewall, open the following ports for YAPI on the new server:

    Firewall Exceptions

    TCP Inbound Ports

    80, 443, 587, 18000-18009, 18800, 18802

    TCP Outbound Ports

    80, 443, 587, 18000-18009, 18800, 18802

    UDP Inbound Ports

    3520, 18002, 19000, 19001

    UDP Outbound Ports

    3520, 18002, 19000, 19001

  3. If the new server has an active antivirus, add the following to the exception list:

    Folders to Exclude from Scans


    C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YService

    Processes to Exclude from Scans

    C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YService\yapipn\yapipn.exe

    C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YService\yres.dll 

    C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YService\yapipn

  4. We recommend that you don't deactivate your old server before your YAPI Server Migration appointment.  If you do, though, save the following folders to your network or onto your new server. These folders contain the essential data for YAPI: /

    YAPI Folders to Save if You Have to Deactivate Your Old Server

    C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YService 

    C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Practical Dental Solutions\YAPI Install

    (******* will refer to the User that was used during the initial YAPI installation)

  5. If you have to reuse your old server on the same network before your YAPI Server Migration appointment, disable YAPI in Services:

    1. Run services.msc (Tap Windows Key + R and type in services.msc, then click OK).

    2. In the Services window that opens, find YService.


    3. Right-click on YService and select Properties.

    4. In the Startup Type dropdown menu, select Disabled, then click OK.



Step 3: Completing Your YAPI Server Migration Appointment

A member of our Technical Support team will call you for your Server Migration appointment on the date and time you scheduled. 

Just before your appointment:

  • Log in to PMS with administrative permissions.

  • Log in to both your new and old servers as an administrative user.

During your appointment:

  • Provide our technician access to your new and old servers.  If your old server isn't available, let the technician know where the essential YAPI folders were saved to on your network or on the new server.

  • If your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft) was installed on a drive other than the C-Drive, let our technician know.  They'll need to move YAPI to that specific drive.


Reconnecting Your iPads

Once your Server Migration appointment has been completed, you may need to reconnect your iPads to access YAPI.  

  1. If you don't have any patients checked into YAPI on your desktop Dashboard, check in a test patient.  

  2. Open the YAPI app on one of your office's iPads.  If you see a Connection Failure message, tap OK to close it.

  3. Tap Configuration Configuration_2.png in the bottom right corner.  

  4. Once Configuration opens, scroll down to the Communication section and find YAPI Service IP Address/Host Name.  

  5. Now open YAPI on your workstation desktop. On the desktop Dashboard, click Help Support.png and select About.  In the About YAPI window, find the second set of numbers on the second line after the @ symbol.  This is your server's IP Address:


  6. Return to your iPad and enter that IP Address in the YAPI Service IP Address/Host Name box:


  7. Tap Save in the top right and click Ok.  Then force quit and reopen the YAPI app.

  8. Compare the patient(s) on your desktop Dashboard with the Dashboard on your iPad app.  If you see a those patients, this iPad is connected!  If you experience any issues with connecting, check out our article Troubleshooting Your iPad's Connection to YAPI.

  9. Repeat steps 2-8 with any remaining iPads in your office.


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