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What Emailing Capabilities Does YAPI Have?

YAPI utilizes three major emailing capabilities:

Using all three of these systems together helps you quickly and easily stay connected with your patients and contacts.


Why Use YAPI's Emails Features?

Staying in touch with your patients is important to helping them keep their appointments, get their online paperwork, stay up to date on cleanings, be informed of changes at your practice, and remain engaged with your business.  And because YAPI pulls patient contact information directly from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft, you don't have to go digging for a patient's email address to copy and paste it into an email.

YAPI's Automated Emailing Systems Save You Time - Instead of having to send reminders, birthday greetings, and new patient paperwork to each patient individually, YAPI does all the work for you!  You just set it up and let YAPI take care of the rest.

Mass Emails Help Your Patients Stay Informed - Whether you're pushing a marketing campaign, sending a monthly newsletter, or introducing a new member of your team, you can use YAPI's Mail Blasts and Email Campaigns to regularly stay in touch with your patient base.  You can even add patients to an Interest List to target smaller groups based on demographics or interest in a particular service.

You Can Use Email Templates Again & Again - All of YAPI's automated and mass emailing features use email templates so you know your patients all get consistent messaging.  YAPI also has its own Email Template Editor so you can change the templates that come with YAPI or create your own.  We even have a Template Library full of ready-to-use emails that you can download, import, and use right away!


Automated Email Features

Appointment Reminders


YAPI's automated appointment reminder system is able to use emails and texts together to help patients keep their appointments.  For emails, YAPI can send an automated Save the Date to patients when they make an appointment (just like an appointment card), and two additional email reminders at intervals you choose.  Patients can also confirm their appointment in Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft right from their reminder by clicking a Confirm button in their email.  To learn more, see our article Introduction to Appointment Reminders.


Recall Reminders


Instead of having to remind patients individually when they're due for a cleaning, YAPI can manage that for you.  The Recall Manager uses both emails and texts to remind patients that they're coming due or are past due for a hygiene appointment; you select the intervals for when reminders send and YAPI takes care of the rest.  To learn more about YAPI's automated recall reminders, see our article Introduction to the Recall Manager.


New Patient Welcome Messages with New Patient Paperwork


When you add a new patient to Dentrix, Open Dental or Eaglesoft, YAPI can automatically send them an email welcoming them to your practice that includes links to their online new patient paperwork.  Your installer creates the email template for you when they set up YAPI; all you need to do is enable the automation when you're ready.  For more information, see our article Introduction to Automated New Patient Welcome Messages.


Birthday Greetings


YAPI can also send a birthday email to your patients, showing them how much you care!  The program comes installed with an email template you can use right away or edit for a more personalized message.  To learn how to set up this automation in YAPI, see our article Enabling Automated Birthday Emails.


Emails on Checkout


If you have a message you want patients to receive once they leave your office, you can set up emails to automatically send when you dismiss patients from the Dashboard.  This is a great option to follow up with each of your patients or send a thank you to just the new ones - you can even attach a PDF.  For more information about this feature, see our article Setting Up Emails to Automatically Send at Checkout.


Mass Emailing Features

Mail Blasts from the Dashboard

Using YAPI's Mail Blast feature allows you to keep in touch with large groups of patients (or even all of them) for news about your practice, marketings specials, and regular newsletters.  Mail Blast also has filters so you can focus on smaller groups by demographics like gender, age, remaining benefit, and last visit or you can send to patients on an Interest List you've created in YAPI.  To find out how you can send a mass email from the Dashboard, see our article Sending a Mail Blast.  We also recommend checking out our Template Library for email templates you can import into YAPI and send right away!

Email Campaigns from the Practice Online Portal (POP)

YAPI's Email Campaigns are similar to the Mail Blasts you can send from the Dashboard but they're set up in the Practice Online Portal (POP) instead.  Just like with Mail Blasts, you can use a pre-made template or create your own and send it out to patients based on patient demographics; the steps just look a little different.  To get started , see our article Creating & Running an Email Campaign using POP.


Individual Emailing

Emailing Patients

If you just need to send a message to a single patient, the easiest way is through YAPI's Patient Finder. The Patient Finder allows you to search a patient by last name, phone number, date of birth, age and gender, or appointment date and click to send an email without having to look up their address in Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft:


In addition, you can email patients from several other parts of YAPI:

For full instructions on emailing patients, check out Sending Individual Emails from the Dashboard.


Emailing Non-Patients 

If you need to email someone who's not a patient (like another provider, an insurance company, or your IT professional), we've got you covered!  You can send emails to non-patients through YAPI's Communication Tower Communication.png and even save non-patient contacts so you don't have to look up their information each time:


Important!  When sending individual emails through YAPI, if you plan to send patients' Protected Health Information (PHI), we strongly recommend purchasing a third-party encryption email service and connecting it to your YAPI email.  YAPI does not encrypt emails.  For more about this (and why YAPI doesn't need to encrypt its automated emails), see Connecting an Encrypted Email Service to YAPI.

To learn more about texting through the Communication Tower, see Sending Individual Emails from the Dashboard and to find out how to set up Contacts, check out Adding Contacts to YAPI.


Opt-Out Options

If a patient prefers not to receive automated emails from you, there's always an opt-out option:

  • Patients can opt themselves out of automated emails by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email from you:


    This automatically adds the patient to your practice's Opt-Out Email List in YAPI:


  • Any member of your team can opt a patient out using the steps in Opting Patients Out of Automated Email Communication.

If a patient has opted out of emails and wants to be opted back in, your team can opt them back with the instructions in Opting Patients Out of Automated Email Communication.

Note: Patients cannot be opted out of specific types of emails.  They must receive all types of emails from you (including reminders, marketing, and any additional emails you send) or none at all.  Also, adding a patient to the Opt-Out Email List only opts them out of automated emails; it does not opt them out of  or emails that you send to them individually.


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