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What Texting Capabilities Does YAPI Have?

YAPI utilizes three major texting capabilities:

  • Automated texts like appointment reminders, recall reminders, and review requests
  • Mass texts for messages to groups of patients based on their current appointment date or an appointment slot you want to fill
  • Individual texts to one recipient at a time, including payment requests using YAPI Pay

Using all three of these systems together helps you quickly and easily stay connected with your patients and contacts.


Why Use YAPI's Texting Features?

Texting with your patients helps them keep their appointments, stay up to date on cleanings, make payments, and engage with your practice.  YAPI's 2-way texting also lets you converse with patients right on your desktop, so you never miss a message. And because YAPI pulls patient contact information directly from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft, you don't have to go digging for a phone number to copy and paste it into a text.

YAPI's Automated Texting Systems Save You Time - Instead of having to send reminders and requests to each patient individually, YAPI does all the work for you!  You just set it up and let YAPI take care of the rest.

Smart Fill Helps You Fill Your Schedule - YAPI's Smart Fill feature - available in the Practice Online Portal - allows you to sort and target patients on your ASAP and Recall Past Due lists so when you have a cancellation, you can text the patients who are most likely to take that spot.  This cuts down on unneeded patient contacts and gets your schedule filled quickly.

You Can Use Text Templates & Canned Messages Over & Over - All of YAPI's automated texting features use templates so you know your patients all get consistent messaging.  YAPI also has its own Text Template Editor so you can change the templates that come with YAPI or create your own.  Ans with Canned Messages, you can save short messages that you send frequently, preventing you from having to type the same message multiple times a day.


Automated Texting Features

Appointment Reminders

YAPI's automated appointment reminder system is able to use texts and emails together to help patients keep their appointments.  For texts, YAPI can send an automated Save the Date to patients when they make an appointment (just like an appointment card), a reminder the day of the appointment, a pre-med reminder for patients who need to premedicate prior to their appointment, and two additional text reminders at intervals you choose.  Patients can also confirm their appointment in Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft right from their reminder by texting back C, OK, K, Yes, Y, Thank, Thanks, Confirm, Confirmed, or Si.  To learn more, see our article Introduction to Appointment Reminders.



Recall Reminders

Instead of having to remind patients individually when they're due for a cleaning, YAPI can manage that for you.  The Recall Manager uses both texts and emails to remind patients that they're coming due or are past due for a hygiene appointment; you select the intervals for when reminders send and YAPI takes care of the rest.  To learn more about YAPI's automated recall reminders, see our article Introduction to the Recall Manager.




Your online reputation can truly make your business thrive and the most effective way to increase patient reviews is to ask!  YAPI's automated review request feature automatically sends patients a text after their visit, asking them to review your practice so you can improve your stats on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and/or Healthgrades and help potential new patients see how great you are.  And if you prefer not to automate InstaReview, you can always use the feature manually, choosing exactly who gets a request.  For more information about the InstaReview feature, see our Introduction to InstaReview.



New Patient Welcome Messages with New Patient Paperwork

When you add a new patient to Dentrix, Open Dental or Eaglesoft, YAPI can automatically send them a text welcoming them to your practice that includes links to their online paperwork.  While most practices choose to set up an automated email as their New Patient Welcome, YAPI has the ability to send patients their New Patient Welcome by text instead.   For more information, see our article Introduction to Automated New Patient Welcome Messages.



Mass Texting Features

Mass Texts by Appointment Date

In YAPI's Practice Online Portal (POP), you can send texts to multiple patients based on their appointment date, updating patients all at once about sudden office closures, parking changes, or any other notification you need to send last minute.

Smart Fill

Also in POP, YAPI's Smart Fill feature helps you fill open appointment slots by targeting the patients who want and need them most.  Pulling your ASAP and Recall Past Due lists from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft, Smart Fill lets you filter your results so you can find patients who best fit your open appointment and offer them the spot quickly.


Individual Texting

Texting Patients

If you just need to send a message to a single patient, the easiest way is through YAPI's Patient Finder. The Patient Finder allows you to search a patient by last name, email address, date of birth, age and gender, or appointment date and click to send a text without having to look up their mobile number in Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft:


In addition, you can text patients from two other parts of YAPI:

To learn more about texting patients, see Sending Individual Texts from the Dashboard.


Texting Non-Patients 

If you need to text someone who's not a patient (like another provider, an insurance company, or your IT professional), we've got you covered!  You can text non-patients through YAPI's Communication Tower Communication.png and even save non-patient contacts so you don't have to look up their information each time:


To learn more about texting through the Communication Tower, see Sending Individual Texts from the Dashboard and to find out how to set up Contacts, check out Adding Contacts to YAPI.


Sending Payment Requests with YAPI Pay

YAPI Pay empowers your practice to manage patient payment transactions securely & efficiently without the hassle of paper bills and receipts.  With YAPI Pay, you can send payment requests by text so patients can easily pay with a credit card online. To learn more, check out our article Introduction to YAPI Pay.



Opt-Out Options

If a patient prefers not to receive automated texts from you, there's always an opt-out option:

  • Patients can opt themselves out of texts by replying with STOP, CANCEL, QUIT, END, STOPALL, or UNSUBSCRIBE to any text you sent them:


    This automatically adds the patient to your practice's Do-Not-Contact Phone List in YAPI:


    For more information about text opt-out and opt-in commands, check out our article Patient Text Commands & Keywords.

  • Any member of your team can opt a patient out using the steps in Opting Patients Out of Automated Text Communication.¬†

If a patient has opted out of texts and wants to opted back in, they can do so by replying START, UNSTOP, or YES to any text you sent them.  You can also opt them back in with the instructions in Opting Patients Out of Automated Text Communication.

Note: Patients cannot be opted out of specific types of texts.  They must receive all types of texts from you (including reminders, new patient welcomes, and any additional texts you send) or none at all.  


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