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Family Mode in YAPI's iPad app allows a you to assign paperwork for multiple family members at once so families don't need to return to you for each patient's forms.  To assign forms in Family Mode, follow the steps below.

Note: Each patient has their own set of forms that must be completed.  Family Mode simply allows the family to access all the forms they need without having to come back to you for each patient.  To enable family mode on an iPad, see Enabling Family Mode in the iPad App.

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Assigning Forms in Family Mode


  1. In the Dashboard of the iPad app, tap and hold on any family member's avatar (the image of a person) and choose Select Family.  


  2. Once the Dashboard displays the family you've chosen, tap and hold on the first family member's avatar and choose Select Documents.  


  3. Tap to select all the packages and/or individual forms you want to assign to that family member:


  4. Click Save.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each family member.

  6. Hand the iPad to one member of the family.  Instruct them to tap on each family member to complete their paperwork.  When they're finished completing the forms for all family members, they can return the iPad to you.



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