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What Is a New Patient Welcome Message?

When you add a patient to your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft), YAPI can automatically send them an email or text welcoming them to your practice that also includes a link to their new patient forms. 

New Patient Welcome messages are triggered by a new patient being added to your practice management software. Once you enable the feature in YAPI (either for email, text, or both) YAPI takes care of the rest and automatically sends the messages for you each day. 

Since it's our most popular option (and the one we recommend), YAPI already comes pre-loaded with a New Patient Welcome email template and your installer adds your practice's new patient paperwork links to it during YAPI's installation process.  If you want to use a New Patient Welcome text instead, you'll need to create your own template.


Why Use an Automated New Patient Welcome Message?

Welcome messages are a great way to provide patients with your contact information and create a connection with them once they're scheduled.  YAPI's automated system also saves you time and ensures you won't forget to send the messages when your office gets busy. (Because it always does!)

Most importantly, YAPI's New Patient Welcome provides new patients with their forms online. That means they can can submit them well before their appointment, saving them time at check-in and giving you the opportunity to file their paperwork when it works best for you.


When Do New Patient Welcome Messages Send to Patients?

The time that your New Patient Welcome sends depends on the type of message you enable:

  • New Patient Welcome Emails: Send during YAPI's housekeeping time the day that you added the patient to your practice management software. 

  • New Patient Welcome Texts: Send at 10am each day and send to all patients added since 10am the previous day.

Important!  For new patients that you're seeing same-day, we recommend manually the New Patient Welcome instead, using YAPI's pre-loaded "GT - Manual - New Patient Welcome With Documents Link General" email template. This ensures that patients receive their paperwork before they get to your office; otherwise they wouldn't get your welcome email or text until after their visit.  


What a New Patient Welcome Message Looks Like

Though you're always welcome to customize your email or text template, these are the templates we recommend using for email and text.  The New Patient Welcome Email template shown below comes pre-installed with YAPI and the New Patient Welcome Text template uses the wording we recommend in Creating a New Patient Welcome Text.

New Patient Welcome Email


New Patient Welcome Text



Enabling Your Automated New Patient Welcome Message

Ready to enable your New Patient Welcome? To use the New Patient Welcome Email with our pre-installed template, just follow the instructions in Enabling Your Automated New Patient Welcome Email.  If you'd like patients to receive a New Patient Welcome Text, use Creating a New Patient Welcome Text to draft your text template and enable the automation.


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