Reviewing & Signing a Completed Patient Form on Your Desktop

On occasion, you may need to review a form that a patient has already submitted - like their Medical History - and add your signature, showing you reviewed it.  If you need to add a signature to a patient's completed form, follow the instructions below.  

Note: These instructions cover how to open a form and add a signature from the desktop Dashboard.  If you want to review a patient's completed form and sign it on an iPad, see Adding a Signature to an iPad Form instead.

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Adding a Signature in the Document Viewer

To open and sign a patient's completed form from your desktop Dashboard:


  1. Locate the patient in the YAPI Dashboard and right-click on their Document Folder.  Then, select Show Documents.

  2. In the Document Viewer that pops up, click the name of the form you want to review.

    • To Review the Form: In the Document Viewer window, click the arrow buttons to scroll to different pages of the form...


      ...OR click the Open in Adobe Acrobat button Screen_Shot_2022-07-22_at_11.45.10_AM.png in the toolbar to open a larger version of the PDF if Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    • To Sign the Form: Click the Add Signature button Screen_Shot_2022-07-22_at_11.45.17_AM.png in the toolbar.  In the Sign box that pops up, use your mouse to sign in the empty white space.  Then, select your name from the Name dropdown and click OK:


  3. File the forms into Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.  If you don't want to file the forms right now or if someone else on your team is assigned to that task:

    1. Close the window.  When asked if you want to save your changes, click Yes.

    2. To alert your team that you've signed the forms they're ready to be filed, right-click the patient's Document Folder and select Mark documents as ready for filing:



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