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YAPI makes it easy for providers to review patients' digital forms before or during treatment, right on an iPad.  If a patient has submitted their forms online, providers can still review and sign the forms before they're filed; it just requires a small change in your team's workflow, outlined below.

Important! Make sure you're familiar with filing online forms before continuing below.  If not, check out our article Filing Online Forms into Your Practice Management Software

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Step 1: Prepping Submitted Forms for the Patient's Visit

Once a patient submits online forms, your team most likely files them from the Document Queue directly into Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.  You can, however, prep these forms so that they transfer over to the iPad once the patient in checked in at their visit, so a provider can review and sign the forms on an iPad.  This is most common with a patient's Medical History form.

To prep the forms for a provider to review and sign:

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click the Document Queue Document_Queue.png to open it.

  2. File any forms that the patient's provider doesn't need to review or sign as you normally would.

  3. For forms that a provider needs to review and sign:

    • Patient Information & Medical History Forms:


      1. Click the form you'd like to file and select Update [Patient]'s Record.


      2. In the Select Patient window, select the patient from the list and click Continue.

      3. Check the patient's information for errors as you normally would, then click Update (for Patient Information forms) or Import (for Medical History forms).

      4. When asked if the patient's information has been updated, click Yes.

      5. When asked if you want to file the form, click No.


      6. Leave these forms in the Document Queue until the patient's visit.  They will transfer to the patient's Document Folder automatically when the patient is checked into the Dashboard and will then be viewable on an iPad.

    • All Other Forms: Simply leave these forms in the Document Queue until the patient's visit. They will transfer to the patient's Document Folder automatically when the patient is checked into the Dashboard and will then be viewable on an iPad.

Tip: If you checked the patient into the Dashboard before completing the steps above, Patient Information and Medical History forms will not automatically transfer from the Document Queue to the patient's Document Folder.  If this happens, open the Document Queue, click on the form and select Move document to a patient currently in office, and select the patient's name from the dropdown list. 



Step 2: Reviewing & Signing Forms on an iPad

After a patient is checked into the Dashboard, you can review and sign their forms on and iPad:


  1. Open the YAPI app on your iPad.  Swipe across on the patient to get to their Forms & Documents section.

  2. Tap the form you want to review in the Current Documents section.


  3. Once the form opens, review it as needed.

  4. Optional: To add a signature signifying that you reviewed the form:

    1. Tap and hold on any open space where you want your signature to go.

    2. In the signature box that pops up, add your signature and name. Then tap Use.


  5. Tap the orange More tab on the left and choose Save.


  6. Repeat steps 2-5 with any remaining forms you need to review or sign.
Tip: If you don't have an iPad available, you can also review and sign completed patient forms from your desktop!  To find out how, check out our article Reviewing & Signing a Completed Patient Form on Your Desktop.


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