Creating a Custom Postcard Template

YAPI comes installed will several postcard templates but you can also create your own to print and send to patients.  To learn how, check out the steps below.

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Creating a Postcard Template

To create your own postcard template:


  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Setup and Manage Setup_and_Manage.png and select Manage Documents and Templates.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password and click OK.

  3. In the Manage Documents and Templates window, navigate to the Postcards tab and click New:


  4. In the Select Postcard Type pop-up, select:

    • Postcard: A standard postcard, OR
    • Envelope: A postcard that you intend to send inside an envelope

    Then click OK.

  5. In the Create New Postcard window, type in your text as you'd like it to appear in the body of the postcard:


    Note: Don't forget that postcards have limited space to write in!  At maximum, YAPI postcards can accommodate up to 20 lines and 775 characters (which you'll see reflected in the character counter at the bottom of the window); however, this also includes spaces between lines and any spaces not used in a line.  The example above shows approximately how much text you can use in a postcard.
  6. Optional: Add Merge Tags within the text of your postcard to include information like the patient's name, your practice contact information, or the patient's appointment date and time:


    Important!  Merge Tags are specialized tags within YAPI that you can place in a template to auto-populate patient and practice information.  The Merge Tags you can use in a template are pre-set by YAPI (you can't create your own) and depend on how you'll use this postcard template, either in a mass mailing or in automated reminders. See our article Merge Tags for Postcards to find out what Merge Tags you can add to your template. 
  7. Optional: Click the Spell Check button to highlight misspelled words in red and right-click on each for spelling suggestions.

    Note: The HTML Edit and Font +/- buttons are no longer supported features and using them won't change the appearance of your text on the printed postcard. 
  8. Click Save.

  9. In the Type Template Name window that pops up, enter a name for your template and click OK:



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