Introduction to Yapi's Billing Portal

Yapi's Billing Portal is your go-to place to update credit card information, review and print out statements, or verify billing dates and amounts. The interface is simple and direct, displaying all necessary information on the dashboard. Learn all about the Billing Portal below.

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Billing Portal Dashboard

Once you login, you'll see a quick snapshot of your current plan, your monthly cost and see links to update any your account information, outlined below.


Account Information

The Account Information screen allows you to update all of the billing information associated with your practice. The email address entered on this screen is the one we use to send you a one-time password each time you log in.


Note: If you no longer have access to the email address on file, contact us. We can update the billing portal so you can receive the one-time password needed to login each time.

Billing & Shipping Addresses

The billing details screen allows you to update the address associated with your Yapi account. Most people use their practice address (rather than the account holder's residence).


Payment Methods

The payment methods screen is used to manage how you want to pay for your Yapi subscription. You can pay using your credit card or banking information.

Billing Portal - payment methods.png

Note: If you need to change your payment information because your credit card has expired and you're seeing a red bar at the top of your Yapi Dashboard, see our article Troubleshooting: Red Bar Across the Top of the Dashboard.  You may want to restart your Yapi Service once you update your card.

Billing History

The billing history window allows you to download any of your previous Yapi billing statements in PDF format.



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