Transferring Your YAPI Billing Account to Someone Else

If you need to transfer ownership of your YAPI account to someone else (for example, if you've sold your practice) use the instructions below to start the process.

Warning: You'll remain the account owner and be responsible for all billing until all of the steps below are completed. We recommend contacting YAPI Billing to complete the transfer process at least 2 weeks before your next billing date in order to ensure you're no longer being billed.

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Transferring Your YAPI Account

  1. Email YAPI Billing and provide the following information about the previous owner and the new owner:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number

    Important! Providing the correct email address is very important for the next step.
  2. A Billing Specialist will use this information to email you and the new owner an Account Transfer form. This form verifies that you are relinquishing ownership and billing to the new owner and that the new owner accepts YAPI's Terms of Use.  You should receive this form within 1-2 business days of sending your contact information to our Billing team.

  3. Have both parties review and sign the Account Transfer form and email it back to our Billing team.

  4. Once they receive your form, the Billing Specialist will contact the new owner and request the following information:

    • New Account Holder Name
    • New Practice Name
    • Billing Address
    • Billing Phone Number
    • Billing Email

    Our Billing Specialist will then use the YAPI's Billing Portal to send the new owner a payment request where they can update the account's payment information.  Make sure the new owner completes this as soon as possible. 

Once this process is complete, a YAPI Customer Success Manager will introduce themselves to the new owner and coordinate any training needed for the office team.


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