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What Is Phone Assistant?

Phone Assistant is a pop-up feature that recognizes patients' phone numbers when they call, showing you their key details from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.  Instead of having to look up patient information during a call, YAPI presents it to you automatically, so both you and your patients can save time.  Whether a caller is a patient or not, Phone Assistant also works as a caller ID, displaying the number of each incoming call. You even also dial out using Phone Assistant and if YAPI recognizes the number as belonging to a patient, their information will pop up when you initiate the call.

Note: YAPI has released two versions of Phone Assistant: the original Phone Assistant and Phone Assistant 2.0.  In 2021, we stopped supporting Phone Assistant 2.0 due to user experience issues and rolled users back to the original upon request.  This article covers the original Phone Assistant feature that we still support. If you're an existing 2.0 user, you can still view our Phone Assistant articles or return to the original Phone Assistant by contacting our Customer Support team.


Why Use Phone Assistant?

When patients call, Phone Assistant automatically presents their most important information to you so you don't have to track those details down yourself.  Instead, you can focus on the patient, making every interaction more efficient and personalized.  And because you can easily see when a patient is overdue for recall, you can remind them and get an appointment on the books.


What Phone Assistant Looks Like

When an Existing Patients Calls or When You Dial Out

When a patient calls, you'll first see a green bar appear across the bottom of your YAPI Dashboard, indicating an incoming call. If Phone Assistant recognizes that the phone number belongs to an existing patient, you'll also see a pop-up showing all family members tied to that number.  You can then click a patient's name to view their details:


In the full, opened pop-up, Phone Assistant pulls and displays the following patient information from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft:

  • Name (first, last, and preferred)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Patient Status
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Dates for their last and next scheduled appointments
  • The number of appointments they have scheduled
  • The due or past due date of their recall/continuing care and the treatment they're due for
  • Any outstanding balance
  • Their assigned provider(s)
  • A link to immediately text them an InstaReview request
  • For Dentrix Users, links to open your Appointment Book and the patient's Family File, Chart, Ledger, Documents, and Treatment Planner windows.
  • Note: The Position field is no longer supported and will always display "Other."


This same information appears when you dial out; the only difference is that you won't see a green bar in your Dashboard indicating an incoming call.


When a Caller Is Not an Existing Patient

If the phone number for an incoming call doesn't match an existing patient, you'll simply see the green caller ID bar showing the caller's number, but no pop-up:



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