Viewing Users in the Practice Online Portal (POP)


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If you're an Admin or Super Admin, you can view a list of all your practice's POP users as well as their user profiles by following the steps below.

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Viewing Your Practice's POP Users

To view the list of users and their POP Portal access levels:

  1. Log into POP.

  2. Select User Management in the left-hand menu:


  3. The User Management page shows all the active and deactivated users for your practice, along with their username, role, and the date and time of their last login:


  4. To view a user's profile, click their name in the list.  Their profile displays their first and last name, username, the email and phone number entered when they were invited to POP, their role, active status, when they were added to POP, and their first and last login times.  


    You'll also see whether they've agreed to the POP privacy policy (Privacy Agreed), which is required to create a POP account, and whether they've agreed to be a beta tester for new POP features (Beta Agreed). You can also deactivate the user's account from here.

    Note: The information on this page isn't editable.  If you need to change a user's associated mobile phone number or have an account reactivated, contact our Customer Support team.


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