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If a staff member leaves your practice and they had access to YAPI's Practice Online Portal (POP), we recommend that you deactivate their user account as soon as possible to protect patients' privacy.  To deactivate a user account in POP, follow the steps below.

Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can deactivate accounts.  Admins can deactivate Users while Super Admins can deactivate Users, Admins, and SuperAdmins (but not themselves.) For more information, see Roles & Permissions in the Practice Online Portal (POP).
Warning!  You can't reuse a deactivated user's email address and once you deactivate a user, the only way to reactivate them is to contact our Customer Support team. We recommend only deactivating users who have left your practice.

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Deactivating a User

If you need to deactivate a user in the Practice Online Portal (POP):

  1. Log into POP.

  2. Select User Management in the left-hand menu:


  3. In the list of users, click the user you want to deactivate:


  4. At the bottom of their user profile page, click Deactivate User or Uninvite User:


    Note: If you see Uninvite User, this means the person you're deactivating was already an active user at another practice or location when they were initially invited to your POP. 


    If the user worked at multiple locations for your practice, make sure you log into your POP account for each location they're leaving and uninvite them there as well.

  5. When asked if you're sure you want to deactivate the user, click Yes.


    The record of the user will now display in gray italics in your User Management list:



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