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In the Practice Online Portal (POP), you can contact patients for a selected appointment date with real-time updates like emergencies, parking information, or closure due to inclement weather.  Read our instructions below to learn how.

Note: This is a feature of the POP only; mass texts can't be sent from your YAPI Dashboard.  Also, messages sent via this feature should only be used for contacting patients regarding their appointment. Any marketing-related messages may violate FCC rules and can be subject to fines and civil penalties.

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Mass Texting Patients with a Selected Appointment Date 

To text all the patients who have a particular appointment date:

  1. Log into the Practice Online Portal.

  2. Click Appointments in the left-hand menu:


  3. To send a text to patients on:

    • Today's schedule: Click the magnifying glass icon magnifyingglass.png or hit Enter on your keyboard:


    • The schedule for a different date: Click the date currently in the search field. In the calendar that pops up, select the appointment date you want to view.  Then click the magnifying glass icon magnifyingglass.png or hit Enter on your keyboard.


  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Appointments page and locate the box labeled Send text message to all patients on this day:


  5. Enter the text you want to send and click the Send button:


    Note: Texts are limited to 256 characters.
  6. Click YES to confirm you want to send the message:



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