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What Is a Patient Profile Page?

In the Practice Online Portal (POP), a patient's Profile displays basic information about the patient including contact information, medical conditions and allergies, past and upcoming appointments, billing transactions through YAPI Pay, the last 12 days of texts, and all automated emails, mail blasts, and campaigns sent to the patient through YAPI.


Why Use a Patient's Profile Page?

Instead of having to search through Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft for the most critical information about a patient, YAPI does it for you!  On a their profile page, you can quickly see an overview of your patient and even text with them directly from POP.  And since POP is accessible via the web, you can do it from anywhere - even your couch at home.


Viewing a Patient's Profile Page

To access a patient's profile:

  1. Log into the Practice Online Portal.

  2. Click Patients in the left-hand menu:


  3. Select Last Name, Email, or Phone and enter the patient's information in the Search field.  Then, hit Enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon magnifyingglass.png:


  4. In your search results, locate the patient and click the row with their name:



What Patient Profile Pages Look Like

In POP, each patient profile has six tabs: Summary, Health, Appointments, YAPI Pay, Text, and Email:

Summary Tab


The Summary tab shows a patient's contact information, marital status, birthdate, gender, patient status, and how long they've been a patient.  You'll also see some basics about their appointments including their last one, the next one, their number of broken appointments, and their general scheduling preferences.  If they have family that are also patients at your practice, you can click the Family Members Screen_Shot_2022-08-23_at_11.04.05_AM_3.png button a the bottom of the page to view the profile pages for their family members.

Note: YAPI doesn't read a patient's scheduling preferences from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft and it doesn't update scheduling preferences there either; these are only the preferences you set within POP.  Check out Setting Patient Scheduling Preferences in the Practice Online Portal (POP) to learn more.


Health Tab


The Health tab shows basic health information about the patient from Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft and this tab will look different depending on which software you use:

  • Dentrix Users: Displays Medical Conditions only, but this list includes a patient's allergies
  • Open Dental Users: Displays separate lists for a patient's Medical Conditions, Allergies, and Medications
  • Eaglesoft Users: Displays Medical Conditions and Allergies


Appointments Tab


A patient's Appointments tab shows lists of their upcoming and past appointments at your practice.  You can click any appointment to view more details:



YAPI Pay Tab


If your practice uses YAPI Pay, this tab shows lists of patients' completed and incomplete payment transactions.  From here, you can resend a payment request for a payment that hasn't been made, refund a payment, or email a receipt. To learn more about YAPI Pay, see our article Introduction to YAPI Pay.


Text Tab


The Text tab displays a record of all incoming and outgoing texts with a patient for the last 12 days.  From here, you can also easily text your patients by entering your text at the bottom of the window (in the box labelled "Input text here") and clicking the Send Screen_Shot_2022-08-23_at_12.41.29_PM.png button.


Email Tab


The Email tab displays all automated emails, email blasts, and email campaigns sent to a patient.

Note: Individual emails sent to a patient from your YAPI Dashboard will not display here.


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