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In the past, YAPI required a manual update each time a new version was released but now, as long as you're using version 1.4.385 or higher, we do it for you automatically!  Below, you'll learn about how and when we deploy updates, how to update if you're on an older version of YAPI, and how to see what's new.

Important! This DOES NOT include the plugin updates you'll need if your practice updates or upgrades Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft to a new version.  Our regular updates include bug fixes and improvements to the software but we need to manually update your plugin if you update or upgrade your practice management software, which requires a scheduled appointment.  For more on this, check out our article Preparing YAPI for a Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft Update.

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How We Update Your YAPI

When a new version or bug fix for YAPI is released, we'll send you an email a few business days ahead of time letting you know an update is coming.  If you use YAPI version 1.4.385 or above (which is most of our users), we'll then automatically push the update to your YAPI on the specified date.  You never have to deploy an update yourself.

If you use a version of YAPI below 1.4.385, schedule an update with us!  That way, you'll get the latest features of YAPI and we can get you updated automatically in the future.  Keep in mind that during your appointment, we'll need access to your server and your YAPI may be down for about 30 minutes during the update.

Not sure which version of YAPI your practice is using?  Hover over the Help icon Support.png in your YAPI Dashboard toolbar.  The first number listed is the version you're currently using.



How Often We Update YAPI

Currently, YAPI updates aren't set on a regular schedule.  We want to get you the latest and greatest as soon as it becomes available!  Whenever there's a new feature, a feature enhancement, or a bug fix, we'll deploy an update to our users and send you a heads up by email before it happens.


Finding Out What's In Each Update

Each time we update YAPI, we create Release Notes that outline everything we've changed.  You can access the notes for YAPI's most recent update by clicking Release Notes on our Support Center homepage:


From this release notes page, you can also access release notes for previous updates on the left-hand side:



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