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How can I delete items?

How can I change the order of items?

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  • Those are great questions!

    1. To delete an item, you will need to select the line you would like to remove and press on the "Delete" button on your keyboard. This should remove the item from the routing slip quick notes section. Once you made your changes make sure to click on the "Save" button on the bottom right corner otherwise the changes won't be saved.

    **Keep in mind, that any patients who are already checked into YAPI will not have their routing slip modified. This will only affect new checked in patients.**
    2. You can change the order of items by selecting the line you would like to move and drag it to the spot you would like to use.
    Here is some additional useful info on the Routing Slip that may help!

    Let me know if there's anything else we could assist you with!

    Thank you

    YAPI Check-out Notes allows attending staff create and update patient's checkout notes with few mouse clicks, minimal editing and little typing. This saves good amount of time compared to the traditional hand written notes and routing slips, contributes to better patient care, and enhances communications between the clinical team and the administrative team.

    YAPI Check-out Notes combine Quick Notes, Text Notes, tasks to be completed for the patient at a later time, documents to be emailed to the patient upon check out, and Care Call notes.

    Quick Notes is a fully customizable collection of next appointment scheduling requirements, follow up requests, items to dispense at check-out, or whatever you want to include in your check-out notes/routing slip. Quick Notes are grouped in categories and can be easily adjusted using Routing Slip Editor found in YAPI Global Configuration Editor.

    YAPI provides simple and intuitive graphical interface that enables attending and administrative staff create and update Checkout Notes that move along with the patient through the practice.

     YAPI shows each patient's Check-out Notes in Daily Activity Report.

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