Access/Edit Route Slip while Pt In Check-Out Area


I do not believe there is any way we can still bring up the route slip when the patient is in the check-out area of Yapi. This feature would be very helpful to be able to add a comment or edit a portion of the route slip and save those changes while still leaving the patient in the check-out area (not dismissing). Currently, it appears that the patient has to be moved back into the treatment room to make a change to the route slip that will be saved.

I do understand that a route slip note can be added from the checkout area but that the patient then must be dismissed or the route slip changes will not be saved (must hit cancel). It seems like this additional feature could be created very easily since it is accessible elsewhere and would not compromise the current Yapi workflow significantly.

Thank you!

Bill Herr

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  • Hi William!

    Great question! This IS possible with YAPI if you set a section of the routing slip to be upon "Dismiss Only".

    The picture shown below illustrates an example of how to add any final notes upon checkout to the routing slip.

    You can customize the questions in the section so that your staff can make any final changes.

    Hope this helps!

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