Daily Patient Treatment Report - IF YAPI/DENTRIX goes down, then what?

I'm looking for a way to continue to function if YAPI or Dentrix were to go down while we are at the office seeing patients. Generally, our office experiences power outages due to storms/construction or Dentrix may go down due to update mishaps etc. In the past, we have always been able to rely on our paper routing slips that were printed in the morning so we can continue seeing patients regardless of the software being down. The routing slips have always included relevant information to be able to reach the patient, a brief breakdown of their insurance (Preventative, Basic, Major coverage percents), appointment notes, and family members that were due for cleanings, and if they had a balance on the account. If there was a way to have a list emailed daily with all of that information, it would be super helpful in the event that our computers go down and we no longer have paper routing slips.

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