TEXTING IN YAPI - Names instead of Phone numbers

Is there a way to make it so when you clicked on the patients name it showed their name and not the phone number? If I am in the middle of a couple tasks and go in and out of YAPI, it's hard to remember who I am texting at times since it automates the number and not name. 

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  • YES!!! We need this ASAP! 

    We switched from Lighthouse to YAPI and seeing the phone numbers but no names is a tough pill to swallow. I am YAPI's biggest cheerleader, but I have to say something went haywire while building this feature - it is necessarily difficult, and makes the user very prone to mistakes (texting the wrong patient). My front desk team says it is taking them at least 25% longer to text with patients after I made them use YAPI - and that's factoring in the time savings of not having to have another tab open to access lighthouse. 

    Whoever created this set up did not channel the typical workflow of a team member who has many other jobs between popping in and out of the text window to communicate with patients. The patient's name needs to be front and center. Please, please, please adjust this!


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