Routing Slips - What was completed today?

It would be super helpful if there was a way that when Dentrix "completed" the appointment that what was checked out/sent to the ledger of things that were completed today, if it could show up in the YAPI routing slip some how. With the paper routing slips in the past, we've been able to see what was completed at a glance and not have to go back and fourth between dentrix and YAPI. The routing slips in YAPI work great for some things and the custom-ability is awesome but it's missing relevant information that makes it more challenging for a smooth checkout process. If there was a way to see what was completed for the day, or if the patient was scheduled with a follow up appointment, it would be super helpful.

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  • Agree!! Also need to be able to have access to "Ledger" from the route slip.. a button or upon dismissing the patient it auto populates the Ledger? 


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